2020 mid year

They say even big changes happen by small hinges. These 6 months have shown just that. Pandemic changed lives and lives lost are examples of how fragile normalcy is in the world.

Actions of living humans and actions of non living microscopic viruses have been shown this year impact can really come from anyone and anything. While impact can come from anyone, we know now that impact can go towards anyone.

A few days from halfway through this year, I have been taught the lesson of action vs inaction, consequences from these, and the doors that open and close. I hope 2020 will be looked back on as a pivotal hinge for the rest of this decade. The way forward we choose will be the deciding factor.

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Spencer Josephson

Spencer Josephson

I/O undergrad Student. Future Career coach. Subscribe to my email list to receive weekly articles to help with your career journey.